Northwest Nevada Hospital Weekly Communicators Net 

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We are working to have some more pictures soon. If you have some pictures of your hospital, Medical Center radio room or your radio room that will help support your Hospital or Medical center send them to [email protected]

 ↓ Washoe County Health District - Andrea @ the Mic KG7VXU ↓
Team Members -   (Dr. Randy Todd - KE7QHN)

  ↓ Renown South Meadows Medical Center ↓
Team Members - ( George - WA6TVD ) ( John - N3JWM )

 ↓ Washoe County ARES ECOMM-1 Truck that will support Hospitals in the field ↓

↓  Net Manager (ARES - AEC) At the Mic. (Arlan - Ka7zau) working night shift in ECOMM-1 ↓

↓ Incline Village Community Hospital - (Doug - KF7ZKS) @ the Mic.↓

 ↓ Northern Nevada Medical Center↓
Team Members - (Larry - KF7NJL) (Keiko - KG7RJH)

 ↓Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center↓
Team Members - (Edes - KG7IHC) (MELODY - KG7QMU)  (Chris - KG7IHE) 

(Daniel - KF7ENA)

↓ Renown Regional Medical Center↓
Team Member - (Harold - WA1RAT)

↓VA Sierra NV Health Care System↓
Team Members - (Marshall - KG7ZHD) (Rob - KG7AAK)

↓ West Hills Hospital ↓
Team Members - (Julie KF7ZWS)

  Ham Radio At The Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) 

Washoe County Earthquake Preparedness Exercise Series 2013